wheelchair batteryElectric wheelchairs are your indispensable partners to increase your mobility. Whatever brand of equipment you have, all of them are quite expensive. Because of their cost, it is important to take good care of them. Since the life of your electric wheelchair depends on its batteries and chargers, it is crucial to perform routine check and regular maintenance on them. Otherwise, if you ignore them, you will lose the essence of your motorized equipment. Here are some things you can do to ensure the longer life of these parts.

Stop Charging

Since most batteries and chargers get damaged due to inappropriate charging, be sure to know when to charge and when to stop the charging. Usually, the batteries and chargers of wheelchairs have light indicators to signal you when to stop charging. When the batteries are full, you need to stop the process immediately. Otherwise, the excess power will cause the generation of heat, which shortens the life of the battery. Before you exceed the upper voltage limit and reach the critical cell temperature, unplug the chargers to avoid overcharging.

Start Charging

To maximize the life of batteries and chargers, it is often advisable to drain them fully before you commence another charging cycle. Depending on the type of equipment you have, the time requirement will vary. Fast devices can charge your equipment in as fast as one hour. The only disadvantage of fast chargers is the higher risk for overcharging. The slower types require as much as 12- 14 hours before you can use the wheelchair to its maximum again.

Never Interchange your Equipments

It is never a good practice to interchange the batteries and chargers of one device to another. If you do this, the risk of electrical shock and damage is higher. In case you cause damage to your unit due to this practice, manufacturers do not cover the repair under their warranty. To avoid problems related to this, use only the parts specific to the brand you are using.

Perform Routine Checks

Even if your batteries and chargers are in good condition, it is better to check them for any possible malfunction. Do the routine examination at least once a month. If you see any problem at its onset, you have better chances of saving your wheelchair from further damage. By using a voltage meter, you can check the power generation and input of these two important parts.

If you are currently in a physical state which bounds you to a wheel chair, depriving yourself from living in typical manner should not be an option. With today’s modern inventions, everything is created for the convenience of the people. These pioneering concepts are being developed most especially for less capable individuals like you.

Wheel chair van is among the creations that you can be thankful for. This permits you to execute travelling and attend to your activities which have to be done in distant areas, and of which travelling with the use of a vehicle is necessary.

Gone are the days when disabled people have to go through so much hassle just to go places. Nowadays, utilizing a specialized vehicle is obtainable for either business or any informal undertakings that you would want to deal with. You no longer have to endure endless idle hours at home for these vehicles can transport you to locations where you can be more productive.

A wheel chair van can be obtained in different ways. There are some cities that can give special vehicle services which are open to people with limited mobility. This transportation can take you to where you intend to go, but you have to make arrangements with its coordinators first. You can also opt for wheel chair van rentals. Although this may mean spending a good amount for something that is only leased, the comfort it can bestow you for either short or long duration is reason enough not to mind the price. Another option is just to buy one instead. But buying a wheel chair van is a rather expensive decision. Nonetheless, this is a sensible option compared to leasing for a vehicle in a frequent basis. This can serve as an investment as well, apart from granting you a ready transportation for your activities.

This type of vehicle is designed with massive doors and higher roofs that permit the disabled to enter and get off the van easily. There are lots of handy features made available with this van that you can take advantage of, too. Decide according to your ability to drive as well. There are vans dedicated for handicapped drivers, while a revamping of an ordinary vehicle is enough if somebody else will be driving for you.

In any case, you have to ensure that the vehicle you will use is always in shape. Proper maintenance is required as this isn’t a cheap item that you can replace at once.

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